Spoofing the Online University Ads

October 13, 2009

12 October 2009

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. This sketch was on SNL last Saturday. I like the fact that the ad before this clip is for an actual online university.

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Free Literature Courses from Seven Universities

June 08, 2008

Image Source: http://www.boston.com/ae/theater_arts/exhibitionist/33-books.gif

That's right, free literature courses. According to a report from education-portal.com, MIT, U of Utah, Utah State U, U of California, Berkeley, U of Sheffield, and others are offering the course material for several literature courses to the public without cost via the Internet. They don't all offer credit but they do offer the same information you'd otherwise pay for from many online degree programs. According to the site . . .

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Video Short - Teaching ESL to Klingons

November 10, 2006

So, is this sketch representing a "fictional" mock-up for a bi-lingual educational program or an ESL one? Is the instructor teaching the Klingons their own language or subjects in their own language? I'm not exactly sure what this message says, on a cultural level, about issues of either tolerance, mainstreaming, or perhaps political correctness. Someone somewhere should be able to infer "something" from this, without doubt. Even so, it does come across as slightly amusing, at least, for Star Trek fans. I'll let the commenters sort through the appropriateness of such an ad (read: do you ever feel like you're teaching to a group of Klingons?) I do like her mantra as one that humorously reflects my own: "I CAN be strict...but I just want them ready for the REAL world." The irony of the world real in this one is uncanny. Originally aired on The Space Channel (a Canadian Sci-Fi channel) and can also be found in a search on Google Video.

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Video - Captain America Makes an Unusual Challenge

July 30, 2006

This television advert is supposedly rumored to have been based on an urban myth. Is that a vague enough claim?

Somewhere in the Irish Sea: Captain Hancock and the GPS Blunder . . .

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Where I Surf - Meeting Toni Morrison

May 27, 2006


The following online article was written by my colleague at IUP, Alyce Baker Putt. After reading it, I thought I'd share it with my readers or for anyone who might be interested with the re-print below (see end of article for citation source):

Tell Your Mom Thank You

Despite her small stature, she entranced me. All I could do was stare at her—even though I know it is impolite. No one else seemed to notice her. They were busy chitchatting and eating. I was busy looking at her.

My passion for Toni Morrison’s works began during the summer of 1999 while taking a major author course at Shippensburg. Prior to this course, I had never read any of Morrison’s works. By the end of the five-week course, I had read all six of her novels. She has published two more, which I, of course, bought and read immediately. I have also read her non-fiction and much of the criticism about her works. And I have read practically every interview she has ever given.

People have asked what lures me to Morrison’s works. Most often I reply . . .

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