Van Vogt's "Black Destroyer" and the Monomyth

October 09, 2009

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Van Vogt's "Black Destroyer" and the Monomyth

by Liz Hardy

According to Joseph Campbell, every story has its structure and root in the cyclic journey of myths which he termed the “hero’s journey.” The hero’s journey, a step of concrete stages, shows the significant metamorphosis a character undergoes throughout the course of the given story. The hero’s journey is also found within the realm of science fiction; while not admirable in intent, the character known as Coeurl in A.E. van Vogt’s story “Black Destroyer” shows a clear progression through Campbell’s cycle.

While little is known about . . .

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Why is Star Trek Significant to Contemporary American Pop-Culture?

April 08, 2009

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Recently, because I teach a Science-fiction literature course, I was asked by the public relations department of Saint Leo University to provide some commentary for Ted Anthony, a noted Associated Press journalist writing a news story on the upcoming Star Trek film and why Star Trek, as a pop-culture phenomenon, seems to resonate on an almost folkloric level with certain elements of American society. I was happy to oblige but I had to admit that it was a solid question and one that would warrant some reflection first. Since its debut, Gene Roddenberry’s famous series from the 1960s has certainly proven influential in many ways. For example, concepts from this speculative fiction about Earth’s distant future have found their way into the English vernacular and in technological innovations.

Even those who have never watched a single episode may be familiar with . . .

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Essay - Teachers: Your Students are Watching You!

August 18, 2006


What is the state of education like in some of America's high schools? Today we definitely live in the age of rate-your-teacher or professor dot com and very little escapes the attention of our students. See my previous thoughts on student evaluation of teachers HERE.

What can we do? Complaining seems to be anti-constructive. I suggest . . .

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Essay - (A)pathetic State-of-Affairs?

May 25, 2006

Hello Everyone,

One thing the American public certainly does NOT seem apathetic about is who should be the top Pop "IDOL," (read: an image used as an object of worship), with - according to M.C. Ryan Seacrest (see the MSNBC story HERE) - some 50 million people participating in the voting process to ultimately elect Taylor Hicks as the latest winner. The web is virtually crawling with websites devoted to the subject and the apparent controversies surrounding the Idol organization's refusal to publish the actual numbers and political analysts using the theoretical projections to make comparisons with the last presidential voting turnout.

Today, however, Ellen Degeneres had an interesting report on her show today about New Orleans, the Katrina aftermath and how it seems to be recently forgotten by mass-media and the public at large (although many individuals and groups are doing outstanding volunteer work). In response to . . .

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Essay - When Passivity is a National Pastime

May 11, 2006

Today's Essay courtesy of English-blog contributor Melissa Z.

America's Passive Society

With such strong sources in media today, the American society is able to witness many different events and happenings all over the world. With such media, more inspiring events can be witnessed, including student revolts, blue-collar protests, and rallies. Of course in America there are protests and rallies, but how far is America willing to go to preserve its' motto; "Land of the free"? It may seem as though Americans do all that they can to obtain such a free society, but next to other countries, such as Poland, Germany, and other surrounding countries, can the drive and determination of America even compare?

In the film Generation '89 by Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz (see full article HERE), young Polish students lead a revolution in their country in 1989. The reason for this revolution was . . .

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