Teaching English Grammar? Some Reader Recommendations

December 20, 2005

"Grammar, which knows how to control even kings." ~Moliere

Looking for really USEFUL grammar textbook for your ESL lessons?

Dear English Language Teacher-Resource Shoppers, look no further . . .

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ESL Textbook Recommendations

December 13, 2005

"The greater part of the world's troubles are due to questions of grammar" ~Michel de Montaigne

Hello There ESL-Textbook Hunters!

This semester, based on a trusted recommendation, I tried the following grammar book (also covers punctuation and style) which (don't laugh!) is designed for North American eight-graders. I'd like to report, though, that I had a tremendous success with it . . .

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Who is Lee Hobbs?

September 01, 2005

Lee Hobbs, a North American native-speaker (and partial descendant of Native-Americans and wily Welshmen), renowned global citizen (and infamous universal denizen) spends much of his existence "searching for sanity beyond the self-dynamic" After earning his bachelor of arts (in fine art) in 1993, he spent six of his thinner years trekking across the planet, experimenting with entrepreneurial endeavors, and working in the emerging ESL field of Post-Communist Europe. During that time . . .

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