ENG 122 - Critical Essay Assignment Details for *Academic Writing II*

October 07, 2008

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7 October 2008

ENG 122 Students,

Sadly, about HALF of you felt it was unnecessary to actually do the assignment on Ibsen's A Doll's House as instructed. If you stil think that not completing the homework assignments are NOT affecting your participation score (See our syllabus), you are sorely mistaken.

If you missed today’s class, we began screening the film Everything is Illuminated. So that you won’t be lost in the next two screenings and class discussion, please be responsible and find the film in a video rental of your choice and watch it. After the in-class screening is done, I will put the film on reserve in the library.

In the comment box below . . .

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Scholarly Articles: What Are They & How Are They Found?

September 09, 2008

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Even after our lengthy in-class discussions, a few of you have indicated a confusion on what scholarly articles are.

You are in luck. The SLU library has online imbedded videos that discuss . . .

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100+ Tips and Resources for Teaching Abroad

June 21, 2008

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Alisa Miller of Teaching Tips.com has written an article/put together a list of resources called "100+ Tips and Resources for Teaching Abroad." An excerpt from her text follows:

Teaching abroad is a popular way to see the world and make some money. Whether you are a graduate right out of college, a retiree who is looking for adventure, or you’ve decided to make a change mid-career, teaching English overseas is easily obtainable. The following resources and tips range from how to find a teaching job to learning the differences between the types of schools to resources for travel and teaching. Read below to find . . .

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The English Teacher: Teaching Literature--Fiction & Non-Fiction

May 21, 2008

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A new lesson plan resource from Leif Danielson I found in my summer down-time research. This web site--"The English Teacher: Teaching Literature--Fiction and Non-Fiction" contains:

units for teaching facets of literature analysis and appreciation for both fiction and non-fiction literature. Further units will be added. All of these units have been used in the classroom. They have been used with students ranging from 9th grade to college. Teachers should choose the units which they feel are most suitable for the classes they are teaching. Materials on this site can be used for classroom teaching. For other . . . (click HERE to see site)

Thanks for putting this together Leif!


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