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October 10, 2014

Campbell's *Belly of the Whale* Stage of the Monomyth

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In the comment box below,

. . . the note-taker/scribe from each group should retype the question your group discussed today in class and provide an answer with quotations from the text to support your answers. You MUST put the page number (or, paragraph number if there are no page numbers) in parentheses after any quotation used.

Enter your work on this text as prescribed in class. For example:

Remember: I have to "approve" all comments so you won't see it immediately after posting. After hitting submit, you should see a screen that confirms this.

We are beginning to use some concepts in our discussions that you may or may have had practice using before. I want to be sure that you have a clear understanding of the words we use in class (no more blank stares!) so be sure you are looking up words you don't feel you yet "own" (means, making it a part of your personal vocabulary) by utilizing your dictionaries to the fullest.

Dr. Hobbs


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Posted by lhobbs at October 10, 2014 09:32 AM

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Dr. B. Lee Hobbs
ENG 220CL- Journeys in a Narrative CA01
23 October 2013

Stages of Act for The Painted Bird

1.The Hero archetype in the ordinary world would be the boy.
2.The Special world of his journey would be the journey between villages and owners/masters.
3.The exact location of the first threshold between the two worlds would be when the man traveling eastward took the boy away.
4.The ordinary world of this journey would be back home with the boy’s parents.
5.The call to adventure would be when WWII started because without that the boys’ parents would have had no reason to send him away.
6.There was no refusal of the call. The boy was unaware of the war that was going on and where he was being taken.
7.The boys mentor would be Olga who taught him how to hunt for food and make his own medicine.
8. The crossing of the first threshold would be again when the man traveling eastward was instructed to take the boy to another location.

Posted by: Gabriela Caminero at October 23, 2014 08:12 PM

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