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October 04, 2012

17th Century: Moliere's Tartuffe and the Age of Reason

Image Source: http://www.mccarter.org/Education/tartuffe/images/FrontispieceTartuffe.jpg.jpg

HON 250 Students,

This is the entry we'll be using for our 17th Century and Moliere discussions and homework assignments (do not post items due here elsewhere or you may not receive credit!). To complete course assignments, please follow the instructions you were given in class.

Remember, I have to "approve" all comments so you won't see it immediately after posting. After hitting submit, you should see a screen that confirms this.

See you in class,

Dr. Hobbs

Trailer of a production in English

Part of First Scene in original tongue.

Students, below, please enter your work on this text as prescribed in class:


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