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August 02, 2011

When English Teachers Snap

Caption: "When English Teachers Snap / Sorry ma'am, but bad grammar is no excuse for vandalism"

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Posted by lhobbs at August 2, 2011 08:24 PM

Readers' Comments:

I've been an esl teacher for many years now...and I had to laugh as this one! Excellent!

Posted by: JR at September 4, 2011 06:09 AM

My high school senior English teacher said, "Don't say got unless you gotta say got." So, I've always avoided the word and used have instead.

I taught high school oral English in China during the 2009-2010 school year and they teach the use of got, as in, "I've got a cold."

I learned that the use of the word got is British English, and the Chinese text books are greatly influenced by the Brits.

Hank Wever

Posted by: Hank Weaver at September 5, 2011 02:28 PM

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