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April 07, 2011

ENG 122 Academic Writing II (All Sections)--Spring 2011 Syllabi and Handouts

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31 January 2011

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INSTRUCTIONS: Please right-click on the appropriate .pdf file (for syllabi, please notice your section number and class time) and download. Alternatively, these may open, by clicking on them, in Adobe Reader. Once it is open, click "Save a Copy) and save it to your USB flashdrive. Be sure to print a copy, staple, and bring to each class. This information is fair game for all reading check quizzes and examinations (midterm and final).

INFO for ALL of Dr. Hobbs's ENG 122 Courses and Sections

Dr. Hobbs's Office Hours for Spring (1), 2011


ENG 122 Itinerary

Updated Itinerary (as of 24 January 2011) for all sections.
Update includes modified dates since MLK Day/Community Service Day was not factored in to the original itinerary document. To avoid potential confusion, print the latest version and then destroy the old itinerary.


Reading Sign-up Sheet for All Chapters (One of these will be passed out each class meeting--they are the same texts that are listed in the table of contents of our course textbook)

Handout on how your ENG 122 Course Journals will be assessed

Handout on Modified Business Letter Format (to be used as a matter of course for ANY emails to me and your other professors)

Handout on Objectivity and Subjectivity

Handout I on the Rhetorical Triangle

Handout II on the Rhetorical Triangle and Questions for Ad Analysis Assignment

Sample Ads from Old Magazines used for Rhetorical Triangle Homework Assignments (could appear on Midterm/Final Examination)

Homework Activity: Definitions of Some Common Logical Fallacies and a Sample Paragraph with ALL Logical Fallacies

Homework Activity: Examples of Logical Fallacies to Correctly Identify by Name

Discussion Questions on Raymond Carver's Short Story "Cathedral"

Discussion Questions on Lucille Clifton's poem "For deLawd"

Discussion Questions on Marge Piercy's poem "To Be of Use"

Study Questions (from all versions) from Reading Check #1

Study Questions (from all versions) from Reading Check #2

Study Questions (from all versions) from Reading Check #3

Study Questions from Chapter Four

Examples of ACCEPTABLE Course Journal Pages with Remarks
(Your Own Pages Should EXCEED the Quality of these--I'll expect more for the second check)

Instructions for Formal Writing Assignment #2: TOPIC and INITIAL RESEARCH QUESTION

Sample Topic and Initial Research Question Assignment

Checklist I for Written Assignments

Combined 9 Page Handout on Formal Writing Assignments 3 and 4 (distributed in class 23 March 2011)

The Greengrocer's Apostrophe--A Common Mistake You Must Avoid!

A Brief Guide to Writing a Comparison/Contrast Paper - Strategy I

How to Write a Formulaic Comparison/Contrast Paper - Strategy II

Multi-page Handout on the Annotated Bibliography and Sample

Rubric that will be used to grade Assignment 5: The Annotated Bibliography

Rubric that will be used to grade Assignment 6: The Outline

Rubric that will be used to grade Assignment 6: The Presentation

Student Sample of Assignment 6: The Outline with feedback

Sample First Draft of Final Paper that Earned a C+ --With Feedback (Don't even think about plagiarizing this one--but the organization used is acceptable)

Handout on Writing Good Paper Titles and Why It's Important

Link to post on English-Blog about writing Good Essay Titles (also, see the advice given in your Muriel Harris textbook)

English-Blog article on " Removing Extra Space between Paragraphs."This is costing some of you points for MLA formatting. Be sure you know how to correct this in your MS-Word settings!

Rubric that will be used to score Assignment #7: The FIRST Draft of the Final Paper

Sample Final Draft of Final Paper that Earned an F (for very avoidable reasons)--With Feedback (Don't even think about plagiarizing this one--but the organization used is acceptable)

Rubric that will be used to score the FINAL Draft of the Final Paper (due at Final Exam meeting)


This is the material you should study for the final exam part I YES! This is the same handout you received a few meetings ago about transitions. YES! I think that they are important enough for you to know something about to not only apply to your final paper but to be able to articulate what they are, how they work, how to create them, etc. if asked.

These are the study questions for the final exam part II YES! These are the same study questions used from reading check #5 (all three versions). NO! The final exam will not be open book. This is your second shot to "ace" each of these questions. Merry Christmas!

Final Exam Schedule for Spring 2011

*If you are having trouble seeing these files, I will reprint the instructions from above, below:*
By the way, you can download the Firefox browser "free" by clicking HERE and the Google Chrome browser free by clicking HERE. I cannot/will not vouch for Internet Explorer anymore because it is just too clunky and slow for my needs (sorry Microsoft!)

INSTRUCTIONS: Please right-click (NOT LEFT-CLICK) on the appropriate .pdf file and download to your hard drive by clicking the "save link as" (OR) "save target as" in the menu that appears when you right-click. After you have saved them to your drive, you can open them in Adobe Reader (available for free by clicking HERE

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