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August 26, 2009

Syllabus & Handouts - ENG 400 (CA01) Fall 2009 - ST: Studies in Science Fiction

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8 September 2009

ENG 400 Students [ONLY],

Image Source: http://findmearobot.com/Pages/Required%20robots/Images/The%20Day%20the%20Earth%20Stood%20Still.jpg

The URL needed to see the free online presentation of the original The Day the Earth Stood Still from 1951 is available HERE:


Please have watched it before our next meeting. I reserve the right to include it in our reading check quiz and discussion questions.

See when I see you,

Dr. Hobbs


26 August 2009

ENG 400 Students [ONLY],

The most recent version of our course syllabus (subject to revision) can be found by clicking the link HERE. NOTE: the best option is to right-click that link with your mouse and then select "save as" from the pop-up menu. Save it to your hard drive and open/print with the free Adobe Reader.


As discussed in our first class meeting, please find below the links to your readings that I will be providing ONLY for the next meeting. After that, it is up to you to have the coursepack. The coursepack was ordered yesterday and I spoke to the copy shop today. They are now printed and should be on the shelves later today. Call the bookstore, however, just to be sure. I had originally ordered 9 but they can print to order.

In any event, the link to the critical article you need to read can be found . . .

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