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January 12, 2009

Syllabus - ENG 340 (CA01) Spring 2009 - Special Topics in Literary Studies: "Imagining the Holocaust in Literature & Film"

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13 January 2009

ENG 340 Students [ONLY],

There is nothing to submit here; the comment box for this entry will normally be switched off.

NOTE: If you are looking for the proper entry to enter assignments about this week's primary texts (e.g. Borowski, Nomberg-Przytyk, Frankl, Delbo, Sierokowiak, Gyrnberg, Spiegelman, etc.) on the book/film of the week, you should click the link appropriate category link in the Scattergories menu to the left of the page. For example, click the *Literature* link to scan all entries tagged "LIterature" or *Holocaust Studies* to see any tagged "Holocaust" and submit your response to the appropriate entry (usually the title of the entry will match the title of the work you are working with for this module). The link can also be found by clicking HERE for Literature and HERE for Holocaust Studies.

At this particular entry (the one you are now reading) you will find the course syllabus (CLICK HERE).

Per your instructions on the first day of class--if you have not . . .

. . . already done so--print the course syllabus, staple it, READ IT!, initial each paragraph of and sign the student-teacher contract on the last page (if you still want to take the course), and bring the lot to our NEXT class meeting. You will keep the syllabus (put it in your portfolio that you will bring to each class) and you will give the signed document to me.

The other parts of your first homework assignment are listed on the course itinerary. Read and follow my instructions carefully (the key to doing well in one of my courses).

If you missed the first meeting and would like to see a fine introduction to this subject, please consider looking at the videos created by Professor Richard A. Gair, a Holocaust Educator, Teacher Trainer, Speaker & Consultant who works currently at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Florida for his course "LIT 2174: Literature & Multimedia of the Holocaust"

The channel for this course is available here:

Thank you Professor Gair for your work!

In conclusion, I enjoyed meeting each of you at our first meeting. See you at our next one!

Dr. Hobbs


P.S. Please be aware that this entry will be the ever-growing repository for ongoing course handouts (study material) that I will expect you to print and read on your own time during the course of the semester. There are links to .pdf files stored on this server. After the semester, they will be removed. In the meantime, please download and read the following:

2009 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule for Saint Leo University

"Overview of Plagiarism" according to Joseph Gibladi and the Modern Language Association (MLA)

"Sample First Page of a Paper in the MLA Format"

"Sample First Page of a Works Cited Page in the MLA Format"

"Dr. Hobbs's Comment and Editing Code Sheet #1"

"Dr. Hobbs's Comment and Editing Code Sheet #2"

"A Sample Checksheet for Drafts of Your Written Assignments-Use Before Bringing Your Drafts to Class!"

"Dr. Hobbs's Rubric for Paper Letter Grades (Wholistic Model)"

"The Studying Technique of Clearing Up any Non-understood Words in your Course Readings" according to Mr. Hubbard

"Some Tips on Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing in your Academic Papers"

Tips for Writing Scholarly Papers" by Audrey Thompson

ALSO, specific to this course only:


*Some tips on writing a reader response paper for college from Professor Montelongo of the University of Texas at El Paso

Essay & Reading Response Title problems? Click HERE for advice on writing better, more academic, and more appropriate titles for your responses / essays.

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