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January 10, 2009

Industry Event - Welcome Morf to ESL Lesson Plan!

11 January 2009

Dear Readers,

As you may know already, the sister-blogs to the English-Blog, edited by me, are ESL School, edited by Dr. Brenda Townsend, and the very popular ESL-Lesson-Plan, edited until recently by Carol Rueckert.

Recently, Carol Rueckert has accepted a wonderful new position in the publishing industry with Pearson Education and will be leaving ESLemployment as chief writer for ESL-Lesson-Plan. We have all greatly enjoyed her work with this forum and will miss her contributions. Perhaps she will still visit us from time to time as a commenter? Carol, on behalf of everyone at ESLemployment, we wish you the very best in your newest career move.

So now, as a transitional post between writers, please allow me the honor of presenting to you the newest member of the ESLemployment team and writer for ESL-Lesson-Plan, Mr. "Morf" Morford.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with his frequent posts and replies to this blog, ESL School, the English-Blog, and ESL-Jobs-Forum, Morf hails from the Greater Seattle Area (Tacoma, Washington), USA, where he obtained a Bachelor's of Arts degree from Evergreen State College in Olympia. He went on to get his Master of Teaching degree in Teaching English from the University of Washington (1991). In addition to his ongoing work as a freelance writer, since 1989, Morf has also taught in the postsecondary education arena at . . .

. . . Northwest Indian College (1989-95), Pierce College (1994-2000), Beijing Foreign Studies University (1999-2000), Tacoma Rescue Mission (2001-07), Bates Technical College and Clover Park Technical College (both colleges, 2007 to present).

Of his many years teaching adults, Morf says--on his LinkedIn vita--that many of them were in "unusual settings." Says Morf, " I've taught in local jails, American community colleges, Native American Tribal Colleges and at the university level in Beijing, China." He has also been "a radio host in America and in China" (LinkedIn).

Morf has several specialties. He excels "in improvising ideas and solutions" (LinkedIn). He has had short articles published online, one such site being the Burns Writers Collective. See one example of his work here: http://www.burnsidewriterscollective.com/social/2007/10/the_universe_across_town.php.

Morf is also an accomplished photographer. You can see some of his recent photos at http://www.jpgmag.com/people/Morf. He also keeps a "Travelogue" of his adventures (with photos) on Everywhere Magazine online at http://www.everywheremag.com/people/Morf. Perhaps he will agree to use some of these in his posts for ESL Lesson Plan!

Of his writing style, Morf says that he is "particularly interested in creative forms of story telling - especially the spoken word." He is also "passionate about independent radio - especially when it advocates community involvement and the nurturing of music that the corporate world chooses to dismiss" (LinkedIn).

On behalf of ESL-Lesson-Plan and the English-Blog, I am pleased to welcome Morf aboard the ESLemployment writing staff! We hope that you too will fully enjoy the opportunity of learning and sharing our own experiences with such a well-accomplished persona in our field.

Best of luck Morf! We look forward to reading your regular contributions to the ESL-Lesson-Plan blog.

Happy writing,

B. Lee Hobbs, PhD., M.L.A.
Contributing Editor, ESLemployment Publications
E-mail: lee.hobbs@eslemployment.com
Blog: http://www.english-blog.com

Posted by lhobbs at January 10, 2009 11:27 AM

Readers' Comments:

Yes Lee, we will indeed miss Carol's weekly submissions to her former blog.

In the meantime, as the original writer for ESL Lesson Plan, I welcome Mr. Morford into its fold of writers. I am optimistic that his unique background will offer a fresh perspective on the English teaching industry.

Carry on!

~Michelle Simmons, an expatriate of the heart

Posted by: Michelle Simmons at January 18, 2009 12:14 PM

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