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December 05, 2008

Final Exam Details for ENG 225.01-- Survey of World Literature I

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5 December 2008

ENG 225 Class,

In our meeting today we discussed what . . .

. . . we had learned so far in the course, discussed what was due for the final exam meeting. took the student eval. (as mentioned in the itinerary). Those who did not appear in class today should appear for the final exam meeting if they expect to get a grade for the final.

REMINDER: Your final exam meeting for this course will be: Monday, December 8th from 12:50pm to 2:30pm in our regular classroom (Lewis Hall). Attendance is mandatory to turn in your portfolio, take the exam (or, turn in your take-home exam if came to class today and received one). Only those who signed up for a take-home exam in my office today are permitted to do one. With regard to your portfolios, I will NOT be accepting them AHEAD of the deadline so don’t ask. Note the different meeting time!

At our exam meeting, I will collect your portfolios and the final paper (if you did one instead of a presentation) which should also be in the portfolio. You will then sign the attendance sheet. If you signed up for a take home exam, you will turn it in to me and you can go. If you did not sign up for the take home exam, you will take the regular exam as scheduled for the two-hour period—remember that you need a blue book (see the syllabus) and something to write with.

PORTFOLIOS: For your previous paper grades to count, each of your previous papers (that I have returned) should be present in the folder as a stapled “packet” that includes the following: (1) the peer-reviewed first draft, (2) the final draft that I scored and marked on with your grade, and (3) the “super-final draft” which is your own revision of the final draft—a clean copy of that particular paper with ALL of the corrections I noted addressed. I will check for that explicitly. Each paper’s packet should be stapled in order with newest on top and oldest on bottom. Your class notes and journals do not need to be in the portfolio folder.

You won’t have a super-final draft for paper three (if you did a paper instead of a presentation). However, if you did do a peer-reviewed draft or did a draft with someone at the LRC, you can include that copy underneath paper 3 (stapled). I will take it into consideration as I score the paper. Also, paper 3 is due on turnitin.com by exam time. No turnitin.com submission, no score.

Remember, as stated on the syllabus, I will retain your portfolios in storage for one full semester. If you want them, you may pick them up at the end of the Spring Semester on the last week of classes. If you need the work to transfer to another school, be sure you have photocopied everything you want from the folder BEFORE you turn it in.

Some of you really need an “A” on this paper to help your scores. I highly suggest that you use the LRC many times with this final paper. Earning an A is difficult but many of you could really use it.

At this point, I have decided NOT to count 3 tardies as absences but will instead work any recorded tardies into your participation grade (see the syllabus). Absences, however, will go according to the syllabus plan. After I calculate your final letter grade for the entire course, I will demote your letter grade by one point for each absence over 3. Athletes, be sure you have a stapled little pack with a flyer or proof of each class that you missed because of a game. Do NOT just give me a list of all your games with none of them marked. Please don’t make me do the work—circle or write out which dates you actually missed and which were games. Be sure you list your sport and your coach on that paper(s) and put it in the portfolio. This is very important, do NOT forget. I will telephone your coach to verify the dates you’ve listed. For each absence that “checks out” with the rules of SLU, I won’t count against you.

Those of you who have been conferencing with me on a regular basis throughout the semester probably have nothing to worry about. Remember what I said in class: I won’t be keeping office hours on exam week. So, this is it. I’ve given you all the tools you need to fly and ample opportunity to practice them. Now, it’s completely up to you whether or not you will use them to do so for the final exam. Fly little birds, fly! (and, fly well).

I enjoyed having you all in my course this semester. I wish you well on your future endeavors. For those of you who have signed up for any of my literature courses in the Spring—I’ll see you there.

Good luck,

Dr. Hobbs

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