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December 08, 2007

Has the Need for Assigning Homework Passed?

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Hello Readers,

A sporadic discussion topic in the education media has concerned itself with whether or not school-aged children really need all the homework they are normally assigned. Is it busy-work or is it necessary to the development of their minds. Critics claim that kids are already in school most of the day...isn't time spent on creative endeavors--i.e. "play"--and other activities that stimulate the imagination equally important? What about physical activity--translate: exercise? With an obesity epidemic in children of the developed world, should there be a more balanced approach to . . .

. . . the education process than just tons of rote-memorization style homework assignments that take up time kids and their families could spend bonding or building values in other, equally (or more) productive ways?

The 14th installment of Christina Lemmey's Wonder Years Radio program recently interviewed Sara Bennett from www.StopHomework.com and co-author of the book The Case Against Homework. The question of whether or not kids should really be given homework:

. . . is an age-old question that no doubt has been asked since kids started going to school. This topic has the ability to divide teachers, parents and administrators into dueling corners, each with valid points to argue. . . .

Please click HERE to read the full article from wonderyearsradio.com

Thanks to Christina Lemmey for highlighting this issue on her blog.

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