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August 25, 2007

Irate Professors Can Now Strike Back at RateMyProfessor.com

I've been waiting to see how long it would take the market to discover this missing niche. Professors, are you getting a little tired of the snotty, uninformed comments any student can leave about you on sites like "Rate My Professor?" Even more frustrated by the fact that some education employers now do re-con on such sites before they decide to consider an interview (see my earlier post on MySpace and Facebook)? Now, it seems, professors have a way to retaliate against the most obtuse student "evaluations" at this site. To make it more entertaining, the responses are in a YouTube-styled video format. Have fun!

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August 07, 2007

Using Facebook and MySpace to Evaluate Teaching Applications

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Hello Job Hunters,

Isn't the process of finding suitable employment fun? Ever felt, after not getting any positive bites on your application process that, maybe, some private investigator out there was feeding your employer personal info about you that you purposefully, for reasons of legal entitlement, left off of your C.V.?

Background checks are nothing new, but a news story I read yesterday also comes as no big surprise. In our field, to find out what you AREN'T saying on your vita, employers could look at anything from your MSN, Yahoo, AOL, or other online profiles we may have created years ago (before we were prepared or decided to teach), or, if you are teaching already, Ratemyprofessor.com and so on. Sometimes just "googling" your name or groups can reveal a lot and, don't forget blogging!

Recently--and, I'm guilty of this--networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, and Facebook can tell a lot about you to someone you might want to have as an internet friend, but maybe not your employer! Maybe you don't want them to know, for instance, that you are a teacher-centered lecturer, into Bulgarian folk music journals, keg-party photo collecting, cat-juggling discussion groups, or international facial tattoo conferences.

In her article, "Job hunters hire experts to clean up online image," Reuters correspondent Stephanie Bagley discusses what some people currently on the job market are doing, and I am assuming this to include English Teachers, to. . .

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