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May 07, 2007

Job Prospects Good for College Grads in U.S.

Image Source: http://gearup.hawaii.edu/students/images/job_000.jpg

Excerpt from an article by Tom A. Peter of The Christian Science Monitor:

As graduating college students move in with their parents or occupy a friend's couch while they search for jobs, hosts of these transients will be relieved to hear that by all measures it should be a relatively short job hunt.

A steadily improving job market indicates that most graduates will have little problem finding a job that will elevate them from the ranks of student to young professional.

Based on statistics from . . .

. . . the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), the future looks bright for college grads this year. At least 17.4 percent more jobs await the class of 2007 than last year's class. Even better, 26 of 29 undergraduate majors surveyed by NACE reported larger starting salary offers.

Among grads both new and old, a university degree seems to be . . .

. . . Please click [HERE] to read the rest of the article-in-full.

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