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April 02, 2007

The "SUPER" Final Draft - Writing is a Process!

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2 April 2007


Today, in class . . .

1. I made an announcement about Invisible Man chapter presentations.
2. I informed of you of the new, super-final-revision condition to reading response #3.
3. We made a visit to the writing center.

Because I want to see everyone get a perfect score (10/10) on this assignment, I am giving everyone one week to take their paper to the writing center for a super-final revision. This is not optional, it is mandatory if you want a grade. The super-revised final will be due in class Monday (April 9th).

VERY IMPORTANT: You must be able to document your visit to the writing center. Before you leave your tutoring session, you MUST ask your tutor to fill in a form that verifies your visit. This form will be sent to me by them later. When I have received BOTH your super-final revision (in class Monday, April 9th) AND your form that states you visited the writing center (it will come to my mailbox) together, you will be graded for this assignment. However, if you don’t visit the writing center with your final draft before handing in your super-final draft, you will receive a zero. Remember, the writing center sends me a form.

The operation hours of the Writing Center can be found here: http://www.wc.iup.edu

Today, we tood a walk over to the writing center (Eicher Hall) today so you all now know where it is. It will be up to you to visit them during their hours between now and Friday (they are closed weekends: use the weekend to actually type the revision of the paper). They take walk-ins but be prepared to wait if they are busy.

Also . . . please, don’t waste their time. Their purpose is not to be a proofreading service. Their purpose is to help you with writing problems specific to you. Bring your portfolio with you to the Writing Center. Make some notes before hand of the kinds of writing problems you seem to be repeating. Show your tutor the assignment (CP) and what your topic is. Tell them you are using MLA style formatting. They are likely to ask you, “what do you think is wrong with your paper?” You should be prepared to answer that question. For example, “I don’t understand how to use commas, or, I can’t think of anything more/original to say about this topic, or, I can’t get MS-Word to do what the instructor requires. Your tutor might not be allowed to write on your paper because of writing center rules. Ask them if they will. If they can’t, then YOU should mark on your final draft the places that need to be worked on for your super-final draft. I’ll want to see these marks so I can tell what you did or didn’t do in your super-final revision. Any questions, so far?

So, to recap, Wednesday, we will begin Invisible Man chapter presentations. Speakers scheduled for today and Wednesday will speak. Next Monday (April 9th), your super-final revision is due. You’ll need to hand in ALL three of your drafts, paper clipped together: first draft with peer-review rubric, final draft with marks and comments on it from the writing center, your super-final draft (the letter from the writing center will come to my mail box).

Happy writing,


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