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March 21, 2007

Mending your Scores at Mid-term

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21 March 2007


For those of you who came to class on the Friday before break, I have...

...erased an absence for each student who turned in a sheet of paper that stated a date you wanted “erased” from the record. One or two students e-mailed me those dates. To the few who didn’t submit or e-mail a date (or, didn’t need one since they had perfect attendance), I simply gave them an extra credit point for participation. This extra credit is being recorded separately from the Turnitin.com scores (won’t show up on Turnitin.com) and will be added in to your total participation sum at the conclusion of the course.

For those of you who did the optional extra credit assignment before the deadline (see the blog post HERE), I also gave an extra credit point for participation. This extra credit point has been recorded separately from the Turnitin.com scores and will be added in to your participation total at the end of the course.

If you recently got your mid-semester report card, you’ll notice that you don’t have a grade-mark from me. This is because, due to the way our scoring system in this course is devised, EVERYONE has got an “incomplete” at this point. I assumed that most of you didn’t want to see that “I” on your report card.

In this course, you are actually “earning” your points (maximum of 100) as you go; I’m not “giving” you a grade. So, you can’t really know with certain exactness what final score you will have until the very end. However, if you have been dutifully keeping up with the assignments [and plan to NOT miss any more, ace the last two papers (10 points each) and final exam (10 points)], then you can probably come up with a pretty good “guess”-timate of what you might/could have at the end of the course.

One or two people WILL inevitably fail the course. This prediction is made solely from the number of recorded absences a few of you have (see the syllabus for the breakdown). If you think that you are someone who MIGHT be failing because of excessive absences and/or exceptionally low participation and/or formal reading response scores (some of you didn’t turn it a formal response at all for #1 and/or #2), you should make arrangements to meet with me during my office hours ASAP.

I will remind everyone that the Spring 2007 Course Withdrawal Deadline is Thursday, March 29. So, if you are really failing beyond recovery, you still have a chance to get a “W” on your report card instead of an “F.” However, this can be only if you make the deadline.

Thanks for your cooperation. See you Friday when we’ll begin the student presentations on The Bell Jar.



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