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December 07, 2006

Teaching English to the Seeing-Impaired

Image Source: http://www.accesscommunication.co.uk/images/braille.jpg

Dear Fellow Instructors,

Perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of discussion on our sister forums and blogs would have to be the subject of presenting English studies to the physically challenged.

Teaching language to either blind or otherwise seeing-impaired individuals MUST be a challenging specialization of the industry. I am, for the most part, completely unfamiliar with this area of our field.

The excerpt from the article below, recently discovered while surfing for unique problems in English teaching, prompted the following questions: Is this an academic area of expertise that requires different curriculum, certification, etc. than "regular" English teaching qualifications? If so, where are English teachers going to get these skills? Do any of you have colleagues that specialize in this field?

Would be curious to get your input and find out if this has ever come up in your own teaching experiences . . .

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