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November 10, 2006

Video Short - Teaching ESL to Klingons

So, is this sketch representing a "fictional" mock-up for a bi-lingual educational program or an ESL one? Is the instructor teaching the Klingons their own language or subjects in their own language? I'm not exactly sure what this message says, on a cultural level, about issues of either tolerance, mainstreaming, or perhaps political correctness. Someone somewhere should be able to infer "something" from this, without doubt. Even so, it does come across as slightly amusing, at least, for Star Trek fans. I'll let the commenters sort through the appropriateness of such an ad (read: do you ever feel like you're teaching to a group of Klingons?) I do like her mantra as one that humorously reflects my own: "I CAN be strict...but I just want them ready for the REAL world." The irony of the world real in this one is uncanny. Originally aired on The Space Channel (a Canadian Sci-Fi channel) and can also be found in a search on Google Video.

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November 01, 2006

Paneling Practice - The Hobbs ENGL 202 Research Writing Mock-Conference

Image Source: http://www.mcps.k12.md.us/departments/cte/conference/gr/panel3.jpg


Ok, so we are now rapidly approaching the days for which we have all been working toward this semester.

Here are the NEW dates for your panel presentations and the panels for which your papers/presentations’ topic have been assigned. Class meetings will still be conducted as usual during the presentation weeks. You WILL still be expected to attend class meetings, listen respectfully to your peers’ presentations, take notes and participate in the following class discussion by asking cogent questions. On some days there will be light assignments like leaving a response on the blog. Attendance WILL be recorded.

NOTE: You should take care NOT to miss the day of your own presentation. This is because the course requirement counts for a big portion of your grade (see syllabus) and cannot be repeated if missed. Furthermore, from here on out, all of our class meetings' schedules are “full” until the final class meeting (a.ka. final exam day) . . .

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