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October 31, 2006

Using the Library as your Research Writing Hub

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Today we had an informative workshop in Stabley 101 of Stapleton Library with Chris Clouser. We looked at many important issues related to related to research writing, the most important of which for today's presentation: how to effectively use the library for research.

Rather than sum up all of Chris's points here, I'd rather read what you gleaned from today's experience. Please leave cogent comments to the following questions below . . .

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October 27, 2006

When Words Signify Something Other Than What You Meant Them To

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When deciding on a name, such as a company for example, there is a thing called "the embarrassment factor" as was explained to me once by a professor. For example, my university needs to change its mascot and, since this is a former coal mining area, once considered the "Indiana Miners." However, since this institution already has a reputation as party school that it is trying desperately to reverse, the homonym "minors" is what comes to the ear first (for some) thus upping the embarrassment factor.

These similar gems were sent to me recently by e-mail. I do NOT know the original source of them at this time (if you know, leave a comment please and I'll give credit where credit is due). They are NOT sites with intentionally vulgar-sounding names, but it seems to come off that way when you read their name as a one-word web addy. If you are easily offended by the English language then don't click continue. Otherwise . . .

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October 17, 2006

Composition - Lead Ins that Hook Your Audience

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Before you begin to post your homework assignments (see instructions below) it might behoove you to get some advice from writers other than Ballenger. For example, read the excerpt here on lead-ins by Judy Hilliard from her text, "Completing the Essay."
[NOTE: the entire article can be found on the San Jose State University website HERE]

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