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May 19, 2006

Industry Events - 2006 Wisconsin TESOL Annual Conference

Hello ESL Folks,

Just a reminder that the Wisconsin TESOL [WITESOL] Annual Conference will be held in Appleton, Wisconsin, this year (2006), convening from September 29th to the 30th, at the Paper Valley Convention Center. Their theme this year is "Literacy for All," and the proposal submission details are included below.

To see the official Call for Proposals please click HERE:


Information about the conference is updated regularly at . . .


Here is the official statement from the conference organizers:

The mission of this conference is to address practical issues of literacy and best practices in ESL and Bilingual Education at all instructional and institutional levels. All classroom educators, administrators, coordinators, and specialists are most welcome!

The conference aims to bring together K-Adult educators to discuss and share ideas, strategies, and best practices in literacy instruction, and to initiate and sustain meaningful professional dialogue across programs, levels, and settings.

The conference planning committee requests presentation submissions addressing any of the following broad themes:

- Literacy across the curriculum
- Literacy and cultural identity
- Teaching as research and research as teaching / action research
- Managing literacy; providing effective feedback, developing diagnostic systems & portfolios, developing assessment tools
- Literacy and the arts; drama, music, dance, visual arts, media
- Literacy and technology
- Trends in published ESL and Bilingual curriculum material
- Ways to platform student work
- Proposals and success stories for networking and collaborating
- Four skills/integrated language instruction and content-based instruction
- Advocacy and cultural awareness
- Other related topics

Hope to see you in Wisconsin!



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