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January 22, 2006

Get English-Blog on 'My Yahoo!' 'My Msn' or 'My Google'

What is all this XML and RSS business anyway? Read on:

"RSS" is just an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication" and it's a type of information feed that can be used in some really helpful ways in your "life' on the internet. It seems that a lot of people out there still don't know about and are missing out on the added convenience. Want in? Don't worry, it's easy! Please read on . . .

RSS Graphic.jpg

Do you use the MyYahoo! service as your web browser's homepage? How about My Msn ? Even AOL has a My AOL option.

I just so happen to use the MyYahoo! one, but they're all about the same, really. What they let you do is choose what kind of "news" you want to see. On "your page" you can have your local weather, stocks, airfares, you name it. Or, you can delete those modules. There's lots of personalized content to choose from.

Anyway, one of the REALLY cool things you can do with those sites is to add blogs like English-Blog to the area where your news comes in. That's right, it will actually look like the news headlines do with the title of the "story" - in this case the title of the post - with the first few lines of the article so you can give and educated guess of what you're getting into before you click.

So, if you are one of our faithful English-Blog readers/commenters but find it to be a real pain to find our link every time you want to visit us, consider adding an RSS feed to your MyYahoo, MSN, or AOL page!

It couldn't be easier really.

BTW, if you are presently reading this post through some other site that is using our feed, you'll want to come directly to the actual site at http://www.english-blog.com

Ok, where was I? Right, look at the column of links below, also available HERE. You may have to scroll down but you will see some buttons that look like this:

Click on the one that's applicable to you and then continue following the instructions given to you (you may be asked to "sign in" to your page.

After it's done, go to your "My page" for whichever service you use, hit the browser's "refresh" button and check if you can now see the posts for English-Blog or not.

It's a pretty nifty thing, in my opinion.

Let me know if it works for you. I'll be interested to know if you had any major problems getting it to work for you and if you like the service.

By the way, the RSS service itself now provides a thorough self-explanation if you just click on one of their orange "chicklets" and then follow the appropriate link which says, "Learn more about syndication and FeedBurner." Even though there are some on the sidebar to the left, I'll save you the trouble of finding one: just click on the one I've published below:

Happy Computing!

Lee Hobbs
ESLemployment Publications, Editor-in-Chief

Posted by lhobbs at January 22, 2006 04:38 AM

Readers' Comments:

Very cool Lee.

I prefer to use google to view feeds. It has a nice clean look. You can add them (the feeds) to your google home page right here:

Google Feed Viewer

- Jake

Posted by: Jake at January 22, 2006 04:07 PM

Hi Jake,

Yes, actually, I use that one too, I honestly just forgot to mention it [corrected in title now]. I set up my Internet Explorer homepage to MyYahoo! and my Mozilla Firefox Browser homepage to MyGoogle. Works great, I agree. Thanks for the comment.

Posted by: Lee at January 22, 2006 06:06 PM

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