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November 04, 2005

DIY: In College? How to Plan the Perfect Break

Today's "How to" article courtesy of English-blog contributor Cathy R.:

Planning a Successful Get Away

Taking a vacation is a great way for a person to relax, have fun, and forget about all the stress in life. A vacation is something exciting to look forward to during the year to help stay sane and motivated. There is, however, a process of preparation one must forego before partaking in those long awaited poolside drinks with umbrella straws. There are many things to do and buy before leaving. There has to be a place to go, a way to get there, a means of payment, and all of the essentials of living to go along. Taking the time to thoroughly plan for a vacation will help avoid any last minute stress or worrying . . .

. . . The first step that needs to be taken in this process is to choose a desirable vacation spot. A vacation can be had almost anywhere. To choose a spot there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. To most people money is the biggest issue when planning a vacation, and thus place has much to do with personal budget. The two most costly factors of a vacation are travel and lodging. A place too far will require flying which can be expensive. A car can be a less expensive way to travel if the location that is closer. There are different types of places to stay at while on vacation. There are hotels, trailers, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and houses to name a few. Some of these places are more costly then the others. Some research on prices and environments of these places of lodging should be done before choosing.

After narrowing down the affordable locations, the weather is a factor that is used to choose a place. Some people prefer to go to a hot location where there is sun and the beach, an obvious preference for many. At the same time, it is important to think according to season; the beach may sound like paradise until hurricane season takes toll. In another instance, beach weather may seem most always pleasurable but, for those who already live at the beach, such a vacation may not be so ideal. Others may want to visit a place that has a different type of weather and setting. In addition to weather, the activities that a place offers are an important factor. Some places have simple things, such as a beach and pool which many people enjoy. Other places may have museums or parks. There are many different settings for a vacation. Once the location and type of lodging are chosen based on cost and desired environment, that place should be paid for to reserve it for the days desired.

After the place of lodging is paid for and reserved, the means of transportation should be figured out. If driving is going to be the way to travel, then a map is needed for directions, an of course a reliable car. If flying is going to be the means of travel then tickets need to be purchased for the correct dates and locations. Also, a ride needs to be arranged from home to the airport and back. An additional ride needs to be arranged from the airport of the vacation spot to the place of lodging, and back.

Once all the hotel and travel plans are complete, the responsibilities of home need to be taken over. If there are children not going along on the vacation, they will need to be somewhere with a responsible person to look after them. The best person for this job is a close family member or a trusted babysitter. Also, any pets that are being left at home need to be watched after. Some people choose to put the animals in a kennel or at a friend’s house. Either way is fine as long as the children and animals are being taken care of the entire time.

Now that the vacation and transportation are scheduled and all of the responsibilities at home are taken care of, it is time to get together all of the things that will be needed to pack. If the vacation spot is hot and sunny, items such as sun black, lotion, hats, and sun glasses will be needed. Only items witch are appropriate for the activities and environment of the vacation spot need to be packed. For example, if there is a beach or pool, swim suits and towels will be needed. Also, only the appropriate type of clothing, according to the weather of the vacation spot should be packed. Not all shower items are included at a shower away from home. Things such as cameras and batteries are usually desired on a vacation. When everything is together it is time to pack. Always make a list and double-check to make sure everything that is needed is packed before zipping up the suit cases.

When taking on the process of planning a vacation, following these steps closely will help for everything to run smoothly and be stress free. Taking the time to double-check things will help avoid worrying over the thought of forgetting anything at home. Worrying is always a vacation downer, especially when it is during the vacation. When all of the planning and packing is done early, it is rewarding. This is a way of earning the perfect vacation that has been created. If a vacation is well planned it is an enjoyable experience.

~Cathy R.

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Posted by lhobbs at November 4, 2005 11:30 PM

Readers' Comments:

Professor Hobbs:

In the article “How to Plan the Perfect Break” by Cathy R., she discusses what a person or a family should do to prepare for a good and stress free vacation. Cathy suggested several things that could be done, such as finding a good place to go vacation on that is cost efficient and what a person is looking for, making reservations in advance, taking care of business at home and more. She recommended a few options to take into consideration that would be very helpful for those who are looking for the perfect vacation.

“How to Plan the Perfect Break” shows what should be done to find the ideal vacation spot. To find this, she believes that most people find that the best vacation spot is when it does not cost a lot. Cathy gave several options in what people may be looking for. Next, she suggested that weather should be observed for the spot that is looked at. It is a good idea to go to the beach when it is not during hurricane season. The means of transportation should also be though about. Whether a person goes towards their destination in a plane or by their own car, they still need to look for a way to get to and from the airport or how much money needs to be put aside for gas. Once those things are taken care of, Cathy states that business at home should be taken care of such as babysitters for children or pets. After that, Cathy explains that appropriate items should be packed according to the destination of the vacation.

According to Cathy’s article, I agree to her suggestions on planning a successful, stress free and fun break. The points that she made were accurate and would help those who are usually procrastinators, because if they followed these steps, it was help them a lot. If these steps are followed early and closely, then problems should not arise other than having fun. If a family is going to a beach, Cathy made a list of things that should be brought with them that is very helpful and would avoid them from forgetting anything. Also, it would save them the trouble of having to go out and buy things, spending more money than necessary. It would probably help, however, if Cathy had added names of hotels or car rentals in her article that are cost efficient. If the person who is reading her article had no clue where to start researching, Cathy should have left a name of a website that they could go look at, such as www.cheaptickets.com or some other website with a deal on it.

Overall, “How to Plan the Perfect Break” is a good article to use and abide by when trying to go on vacation. The facts seem to be thought out and would be very helpful to those who has never gone on vacation before. Though the article seems to be missing a few pieces, it does not make a big difference in helping out the reader, because they could probably find the information such as websites from other sources.

Linda M.

Posted by: Linda M. at April 10, 2006 01:41 PM

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