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October 27, 2005

DIY: How to Prepare for the Senior Prom

Today's "How to" article courtesy of English-blog contributor Jennifer G.:

Preparing for Prom

Senior year is off to a great start. Like many high school seniors, beginning counting down the days until the four major events in senior year are not abnormal. The events are senior prom, senior class trip, senior dinner dance and of course the most important day of everyone’s life graduation. The first event that is coming up in the senior year is the senior class prom, the most magical time in anyone’s life. Many girls have been dreaming of this day ever since they started elementary school. The dream of becoming a princess and finding their desired prince for a night of magic in a breath taking ballroom are only days away. There is still so much to do before any girl begin to look like a princess, and are dancing in the arms of their prince. Every girl may want to follow these following steps for their magical night to become a reality. There is so much to do and so little time to do it in. So each individual wanting to become a princess should be willing to use up all their spare time to get read for the big night. Here are the steps the long awaited dream: receiving an invitation for the prom which has the date, time and place of the prom, go scouting out for the prince, reserve two tickets for prom, start tanning, begin dress shopping, find the perfect shoes, go out looking for accessories that make the dress stick out, reserve a limb, schedule a hair appointment, schedule a dinner reservation, and last but not least order a boutonniere. These are the major steps to help make, prom night magical . . .

. . . Receiving an invitation for prom is such a great feeling, because the long awaited dream is only days away. The invitation will have printed on it the place the prom will be held. Along with the date, which every girl will want to mark on their calendar. The invitation will include an arrival and a departure time. This is very important information to be holding, because clearing the wrong date off the calendar could end up shattering every girl’s dream.

The next thing every girl should begging doing, after the information has been passed out in the invitation, is to start asking the guy that has been in each of their dreams to prom. Yes, this may not seem like the most logical thing to d, by asking the guy. Girls, listen up; This is the twentieth century. Girls can start asking the guy’s to prom. This will solve a lot of waiting around and worrying about what if the guy asks another girl and not them. this will stop the continuous stressing and worrying right off the bat. Each girl will receive the answer so much quicker. Sitting around, waiting for the guy to take the first step may cause everyone to lose a lot of time, which is already limited. Stand up and approach the guy before it’s too late

Reserving two tickets is the key to the most magical time in any girls life, except for the girl’s wedding day. Prom Tickets begin flying out of the box office like hot cakes the very first day being opened. There are only a certain number of guest that the ballroom can hold for safety reason so, it is better to reserve the prom tickets early so the dream of becoming a princess and spending the night with the prince are not shattered by the box office sign reading sold out. This would cause the life long dream of the magical night to vanish.

After the tickets are reserved, prom is starting to come together. Tanning is what most girls like to do to get their prom date to pay more attention to them. They want to sweep the guy off their feet. They will want to out do the girl standing beside them and in the next room. It’s a constant competition between each girl that is going to prom.

While tanning you can still beginning prom dress shopping is the major event of the year. Going from one store to another, trying to find the one that fits you the best is what is to come. Spending hours trying on one dress then another. Dressing rooms become a girl’s best friend at this point in time. Everyone has the option of either dragging their prom date along to get their opinion on how each dress fits and looks on them. Or, they could surprise them with the dress on prom night. Remember, making them wait till prom, you will have to let the guy know only the color of the dress that was purchased. So they can go out and buy the corsage.

After buying the dress every girl needs to buy shoes that will go along with the dress. Remember buying shoes prior to buying the dress could be a disaster. Unmatched shoes can just ruin the night all together and ruin the chances of becoming a princess. The shoes have to be the right height. Each girl needs to be able to walk comfortably in them because of the long time on there feet. Also, the long time each girl will be on the dance floor dancing the night away with there prince. The correct shoes will really be appreciated.

To make a dress stick out more shopping is needed. There’s no stopping any girl from trying to out do the next. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and tiara are what will help make them catch every guy’s eyes in their class. The accessories are what will make the dress even more elegant then it already is. Shopping for these things may cause a girl to spend more money. The accessory’s each girl buys are not always cheap. To out do the others, each girl spends more then they wanted to spend on things.

Reservations begin after everything is bought. Beginning to find out who exactly is planning on going to the prom is the next step. The exact number of people going is needed to know exactly what type of transportation is needed. So, that there will be enough seats. There are many ways to go to prom in style. A choice of a regular limo, a stretch limo, an SUV limo, a hummer limo, or a party bus are all option to go to prom in style.

The time to schedule a hair appointment depends on when everyone is coming to catch there ride and when everyone agreed to come together to get pictures taken with the group. This is important to each individual. To give themselves enough time to get their hair done and get ready for their magical day. Also, here has to be enough time for the guy to come to pick them up and drive them to the place where their rice will pick them up to take them to the prom.

Scheduling a nail appointment is the next step to become a princess. This is going to be hare to do because it can’t interfere with the hair appointment. It also, can’t interfere with getting read for prom, and meeting others for pictures and taking off for the prom. If worst comes to worst, make the appointment for a day ahead of time. Just don’t do anything too strenuous to mess up your nails and everything will be great.

Reserving dinner reservation is a necessary component. Going to a romantic place right before prom will make the night even more magical. This will just be the beginning to the magical night that awaits. Dinner will give everyone the energy they need to dance the night away in their prince charming. This night will be the night that will be in everyone’s mind for a very, long time. A night that will be cherished forever by every girl.

The last step needed to make the night magical is reserving a boutonniere for the guy. This is the last component to make the night complete. The boutonniere should be the same color as the corsage that he reserved. The color of the flower should match the color of the dress. Ask the guy what color flower he ordered for the corsage and order the same exact color for his boutonniere.

These are the steps to make prom night unlike any other. The feeling that will be in the air will make each and every girl feel like a princess for one night. But, remember it’s only for a short time so cherish every moment. Remember, all the memories that was made with the senior class for the past twelve years. This is because; each and everyone in this class will be moving on in less then a year. This will be the very last few chances to be together as a class until graduation, which will be totally the last chance. Hold on to that night because, there wont be another like this. This is a magical night coming up so make it as special. Make the memories and savior the moments. Prom night is just around the corner so lets get started.

~Jennifer G.

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Posted by lhobbs at October 27, 2005 09:25 PM

Readers' Comments:

The paper “How to Prepare for Senior Prom” was about how to make sure girl gets everything accomplished and has a smooth and less stressful time when it comes to the big night. The paper began by listing the steps that a girl going to prom needs to take care of. The girl needs to worry about fress shopping, nails, hair, reservations, transportation and her dates corsage. The paper also had a good set up when everything was listed in the introduction. Everything pretty much went in order and in great detail on how to make appointments so that they do not clash when doing other things that need to be done that day. The writer of this paper also added a little bit of humor to this paper which made me keep wanting to read it. I was very interested in this paper because I never went to prom before and I was very surprise on how many things that it takes to make sure that your night is everything that a person going to prom expects it to be.

In the first paragraph in the body of the paper explains how you have to receive an invitation through the school about senior prom and accept the invitation. The next paragraph explains on actually having the girl ask the guy that she wants to prom instead of waiting around and possibly not getting asked. The writer of this paper encouraged the girl to take a risk and ask the guy which was pretty interesting. Next, the paper discusses that you have to purchase the tickets for you and your date so that you both can actually go to the prom. In the next few paragraphs talks about the girls beauty stages before her big night such as tanning, nails, and hair, The writer made it clear to not clash the appointments and telling the readers to make sure that these thing need to get done so that the whole final outcome of how a girls looks and breath taking for her date. The paper also mentioned accessories to make the dress choice “pop.” In other word stand out. The paper said that by doing the tanning, nails, hair and accessories is to make sure that you look way better than the girl standing next to you. Sort of like prom was a big competition between girls in the senior class of who looks the best and who looks the best standing next to her, the date. Then the paper mentioned about making reservations to go out to eat before the actual dance started. Finally the transportation to get prom goers to the prom was the last topic. The paper gave a number of choices that were an option in order of getting to the desired destination.

I think the writer of this paper overall did a great job by explain in detail on how about getting ready for prom. There were great sensory words that were also in this paper that gave me the opportunity to imagine how prom would be in the introduction and conclusion of the paper. Despite some misspelled words and some confusing sentences I really liked the style of writing the writer did in this paper by adding some humor.

Posted by: Liz L. at April 10, 2006 02:53 AM

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