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October 29, 2005

DIY: How to Play "Twister Grooves"

Today's "How to" article courtesy of English-blog contributor Kelly J.:

The Fun Adventures with Twister Grooves

Twister Grooves is a fun experience for all ages. It is a great new game, which combines the thrilling entertainment of Twister and the enjoyable sounds of music and dance all in one, can provide fun for the whole family. The objective, setting up the game and even the rules are fun to learn in playing the activity. Learning a new game can open doors of opportunities for not only kids, but adults as well to explore new things. It can challenge anyone to learn more about themselves physically and socially. Children can learn how to actively socialize with others through a healthy activity, while learning how their bodies function physically. Adults can learn the same concept as children. So grab some friends and some music and dance. But first, it is important to understand the objective of the game, to understand why anyone would play it . . .

. . . Playing the original game of Twister is fun, but playing with music makes it more interesting. It allows players to learn more about how to handle their bodies. Seeing people try to dance, while playing a game of balance is a recipe for laughs. The object of the game is to keep with the music, and to do whatever the disc jockey says to do. The disc jockey will ask the players to do several dance moves, while playing the often difficult game of twister. If a player can get the entire dance and Twister moves right and is still able to keep up with the music, then that player is the winner. A tricky task that may take some time to get use to, but it ends up as an advantage in the end. First knowing and following the rules can lead to a great victory.

Even setting up the game is awesome. It allows young children to learn how to follow directions. After setting up the mats in a square on a hard wood surface, make sure there is enough room between all the players. Doing this can prevent injuries from occurring. After choosing one of the three exciting Twister Moves music discs to play, stand on one of the mats facing the other players. The discs are provided with the game and they serve as instructions as well. It plays out exactly what the disc jockey is looking for in the dance moves. It also plays out the Twister moves as well. But before anyone should play, all the players involved need to understand the rules so that the game is played fair and that there is a winner at the end.

Before having a thrilling time playing the game, knowing and understanding the rules is important. First, it is a good idea to go through the game at least once for practice, just so that all the players know what to expect. Once all the players are comfortable to play, a real game can start. The disc jockey will call out a Twister move, for example left hand on green. When the music starts that is when the players need to do the move. All the players have to do the same move, so be careful not to bump into other players. The moves can often become fairly difficult. The disc jockey may ask the players to step on another players mat. If a player makes a mistake they are knocked out of the session. The player or players that get knock out can judge the other players to see who is winning. The game might be confusing at first, but with a little practice everyone will get the concept.

Twister Grooves is a great new game that provides thrilling opportunities for children and adults. With learning the objective of the game, how to set up the game, and learning the rules kids and adults will be on the path to experiencing social and physical interaction. The objective of the game is to keep with the music and also, do whatever the disc jockey tells you to do. Players have to dance to the music while playing a game of Twister. After setting up the game properly, the players are almost ready to play. After learning that there are certain instructions to follow when playing the game, then all players can start. The game is a learning journey for people of all ages. It is a great way to make friends and have tons of fun.

~Kelly J.

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Comments for Kelly's article "The Fun Adventures with Twister Grooves?" Please leave them below:

Posted by lhobbs at October 29, 2005 10:15 PM

Readers' Comments:

I have just read the "Do it Yourself" entry entitled "How to Play Twister Grooves" by Kelly J. In this "Do it Yourself" guide, Kelly explains and describes the purpose of the game Twister Grooves, how to play the game and also how to construct it. Kelly begins talking about what Twister Grooves is and the purpose of the game which is to create a fun filled event for one or more person(s). Next she describes how to assemble the game upon obtaining it, by placing the mat(s) around in a circle near a record player, and placing one of the three C.D's (that come with the game) into the record player. Lastly Kelly expresses the relevance of knowing the rules of the game so that it can be enjoyed and played correctly. The rules are to stand on a mat and place whatever body member the disc jockey instructs onto whatever spot one the map that the disc jockey on the C.D tells you to do. According to Kelly, this will ensure fun after all parties become accustomed to the rules of the game.

I would be enticed to purchase this game and buy it if I were the average joe on the street reading this do it yourself guide. It was a very thought through, charismatic and reassuring read. The order in which the guide talked about matters of the game seemed logical. I enjoyed how all of the points are addressed in the opening paragraph and then explained in the proceeding paragraphs. I especially favor the enjoyment quality that Kelly expressed in this guide, it let's me feel like this is a game I would want if I wanted to have good time or make new friends. I am always looking for new ways to enjoy the company of my friends and loved ones.

While putting together a coherent guide in how to play the game Twister Grooves the author, Kelly, did not give any personal testimony to enjoying this game. She expresses how elated one can be while playing it alone or with the company of others. But there does not seem to be any true evidence that what she is saying is correct or entirely true. It would be more relatable if I could have read this guide with an introspective view from someone who played it. Testimony is a key in From her description of the of the game it sounds enticing but it would be more credible if she included a testimony whether on her account or someone elses. It is almost as if I was reading the box or container that the game came in that assures and guarantees hours of fun and laughter.

But nonetheless she has expressed her thesis which is "How to Play Twister Grooves". There is no argument in how to assemble this game or the rules of playing it. It was a well written guide that I enjoyed reading.

-Holden B. Jones

Posted by: Holden B. Jones at April 10, 2006 02:01 PM

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