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October 30, 2005

DIY: How to Manage Your Time in College

Today's "How to" article courtesy of English-blog contributor Liz L.:

Time Management

Time management is probably the most difficult things that students face throughout their educational career, especially in college. A student for the first time has a lot of freedom that comes with a lot of responsibilities. The key to having time management is once students start their time management schedule, never stop. There are also other aspects that have to be taken into consideration while dealing with time management such as not procrastinating, paying attention in class, seeking help and answering questions, going to class all the time, writing down things that need to be done, and making time for yourself . . .

. . . The first thing that students need to accomplish before their time management needs to start would be to make a schedule and stick to it. Once a student has made themselves a schedule never break that schedule. This will keep students on a routine and on track with school and after school activities such as homework or leisure time. When students make their schedule, its is important to make sure that students include when they have classes, when they have time for homework and when they have time to spend for themselves for things that they need to do or just for relaxation time. It's extremely important to stay on this routine no matter how hard it may be during the first few weeks.

Procrastination is another really common thing for college students to do, especially when it comes to homework. How do students avoid it? Well, it all ties in with how they made their schedule. If they have made time for their homework then during that free time just get whatever homework over and done with so students have free time to do what they want. If a students homework takes more time than they expected and it cuts into their leisure time do not panic. If some leisure time gets taken away because of a homework assignment then students just have less time to do things for themselves. In order to become successful in class students have to get their work done to the best of their ability and handed in on time. So in other words when receiving homework do it as soon as possible and this will avoid being behind in classes.

Paying attention while in class is also a good idea. It's easy for students to get distracted or dose off while in class but by paying attention in class can avoid later problems. Say a student went to class but the lecture was so boring that they day dreamed the whole time. Then when they go home and start their assignment and are stuck because they do not know what to do. If students pay attention in class, it will avoid questions that will come about while doing assignments for that class and doing homework will go more smoothly and quickly.

Getting help is nothing to be ashamed of. If students do not understand anything then they should ask their professor or adviser questions. That is what they are there for. By going to get help students will be able to complete their tasks for the classes that they have. If a student just sits around and not seek help then that interferes with their schedule that they set for themselves. When a student decides not to get help they end up getting behind in class because they have no idea on how to do their homework. Students do not want this to happen, so just asked questions and stay on task.

Going to class is also very important. Students get all the lecture notes when they go to class and are informed of any up coming tests or quizzes that are part of your grade. If a student skips class while in college they could easily start making a habit of it because their parents are not around to tell them to go to class and some students will power is not as strong as other students. By missing class, students are going to miss assignments and important tests that they were not informed of because of not being there.

It makes life and time management a lot easier if students write things down. Making an assignment book for classes that college students have is a great idea. This way students can write down what assignments they have and they know what they have to do and how much. By having it written down they will be able to judge how long the total amount of homework that they have is going to take. Therefore they can adjust their schedule a little so that they can get everything completed. By having thing written done this will also make it close too impossible to forget what students have to accomplish.

Finally making time to relax or do other things that need to get done is important. Students have long days at school some times and get swamped with a large workload. Many students just need time to hang out with their friends, relax and watch television, or they have other things that they have to do like grocery shopping and after school activities. It's so important that everyone takes time in their day to just spend for themselves. This helps unwind for the day and to get ready for the day.

Time managements is no easy task for anyone. It always has some part of it that is troublesome for students. Once students have mastered the concept of it, time management will just seem natural and less effortless. Students days will start going very smoothly and they will begin to find that classes really are not that difficult when they are getting all of their homework done. Students are also going to start to feel more relaxed because their scheduled time for themselves to recuperate from long days at class. Once college students start with time management they should not stop. It will get easier and rewarding.

~Liz L.

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Posted by lhobbs at October 30, 2005 12:01 AM

Readers' Comments:

Professor Hobbs,

The paper How to Mange Your Time In College is a paper that is discussing different tips that you need to follow completely. This is because; if you follow theses steps you will have plenty of leisure time for yourself. The steps that were talked about in this article was making a schedule and sticking to it, procrastination, pay attention in class, get help is nothing to be ashamed of, going to class, making life and time management makes it a lot easier if students write things down, make time to relax, and then she concluded all these points together.
Making a schedule was talking about when you decided what the best schedule was for yourself you have to stick to it. You want to go to class, eat lunch, go back to class, come back to dorm do homework, and go get dinner, and then come back to dorm finish your homework and then go out. You have to stick to this schedule every day you should not mix it up. If you decide not to follow a schedule you will definitely cause yourself a lot more stress then you should have.
Procrastination was the next step. It was explained in there that it is wrong to procrastinate. But, many college students do it. They keep pushing things aside and say I will get to it later but in the end they never get to it. Making a schedule will help with this all together. If you stick to your schedule procrastination would never happen.
Getting help is nothing to be ashamed of is another thing you should remember. Professors, Dr, and counselors are getting paid to help us all. They are there to help make our lives easier. They want us to achieve they want us to be happy. They are the ones here making us who we will become, so without us asking for help they will think they got through to us but if your struggling and then that means they didn’t get through to you and in the end it will come back and haunt you later off in life. Maybe in your career this problem will come up and you were too ashamed to ask how to get through it.
Going to class is another thing that you would want to really think about it. Once you go to class you will learn tips and a lot of information that will help you when you go back to your dorm to do your homework. Sitting in class form anywhere form one hour to three hours, the homework will be different for the time period. If you miss a three hour class you probably missed one to two chapters of work. That is two chapters of homework that you will not understand. If you went to class your school work will be completed in half the time it would be if you didn’t go to class. Cutting down the time of homework will lead you more time to relax and do whatever you want to do for the night. So going to class is very important if you want free time during the nights.
Makes life and time management a lot easier if you write things down. This is a very important component if you go to class you will be able to get the notes. Notes are important for studying and also, for doing homework. When you write down the notes you are reinforcing the information in your head. You also will make doing homework so much easier because you can refer back to your notes if you don’t know the answer to the question. With the notes, it will help you save time from searching through the chapter of information. Teachers give you the most important information that you will need to know. Cutting down on the time you spend on homework will lengthen the amount of relaxation you will get.
Make time to relax is another way to manage your time. After you go to class have your homework complete and your studying down the rest of the time is yours to relax with your friends or in the room by yourself. You want all the time you can get so going to class taking the notes and asking for help will definitely cut down on the time you spend on homework and also there will be more time for yourself to relax and every college student need time to themselves.
Time management is not easy for anyone but it is important to keep yourself on your feet. It’s the best way for college students to stay on the right track to not get to stressed out. When they end up laying there day out it will make them and all there friends around them so much more happier because there will be no tempers flaring because you have a set schedule and you have time set aside to spend time with them and yourself.
These steps are very important to follow. Other things that you could do to manage your time is to go to bed early and eat healthy. This is because when you go to bed at a reasonable time and eat healthy you will keep your body healthy and you will have more energy to pay attention in class and to do your school work, and you will want to spend time and do stuff that you love to do.

Jennifer G.

Posted by: Jennifer Giuliani at April 7, 2006 05:25 PM

Why I Will Be Scrounging for Change during College

College is one of the best times of my life. I am making great friends, experiencing new things, and most importantly I am getting an education that will help me to get a good career. That career is going to change my life. It will provide me with money, which I haven't really seen much of since I started college last semester. I am a freshman and I am getting used to the fact that as long as I am in college, I am going to be broke. This is a fact because of a few unavoidable things.

The biggest reason for not having money is that college is so expensive in every way. On top of that I really don't have time for a job. Many expenses with no income means I am broke. Tuition is the most expensive factor of college. I have student loans to pay for some of it and my parents are paying for the rest. I can not help them out much right now with this large amount of money.

On top of tuition, I need a place to live while I am taking classes. And of course I need to eat. Housing and food costs are very high. For my first year at school I am living in a dorm room. That means one little room with two people sharing it. It cost a lot of money to share a little space with a complete stranger. My little room is right across the street from our cafeteria. That is one of the places I go to eat. The food there is pretty bad. It reminds me of how good my mother's food is and how long it has been since I have eaten it. I have a meal plan so I can eat at the cafeteria and other places on campus. This meal plan is hundreds of dollars. The food is not worth the money, Robinson 2 but I have to eat so I have to pay. Expenses that don't seem worth the money are everywhere. This is going to be my only year living in the dorms. My friends and I are living in a house together next year. The utilities will add much to the already costly rent. I will have my car here next year also, so I'll have to pay for gas and a parking space. I will probably have a smaller meal plan, but I will need to buy groceries.

On top of the tuition and the cost of living on campus, there are little things I have to buy that add up to big money. I have to buy books every semester which really adds up. I could buy a car with the total amount of money that I will spend on books for college. Sure we get money back when we return them, but the book store is a business, therefore we get ripped off. I don't even use most of the books I buy for my classes. I mostly use my computer to do my assignments. My computer was a very expensive investment. I bought a laptop computer before this school year. It was very costly and of course I needed a printer to go with it, which needs ink and paper. I also bought a mouse and software. All of these additional school supplies added up to an amount that I would not be able to pay off if I saved all of my paychecks for a year from my minimum wage job.

The spending does not end at all these specific school related costs. There are many little things that are not related to school that I need as a student living away from home. For one I need clean clothes. For that I spend money on laundry detergent, stain remover, and dryer sheets. Then the washer and dryer machines need my money to work. I also need to be clean. Being a girl, I need all types of different shower products. When my clothes and I are nice and clean and I have all of my school work done, I like to have fun and hang out with Robinson 3 my friends. We occasionally go to or rent a movie. The theater is cheap at this school so that is something we can all enjoy. That is still a few dollars too many. In my room I need bottled water because I am young and active and drink water all day. My roommate and I go through about one case of water a week. I also like to keep snacks in my room. When I make a trip to the grocery store for a few snacks and some water I always spend more than enough money. I have all these huge and tiny amounts of money to pay and I have no money right now to pay for it all.

The job I had for two years before I came to college was very low paying and I could not work too much because I was still in high school. When I had that job I paid for everything for myself and felt very independent.

I saved as much as I could because I knew I would need it in the future. By the time I quit to go to school I had a good amount of money saved up. I also had a graduation party at the end of summer and saved all of the money I received. I figured since my parents were paying for all of my major school expenses because there was no way I could contribute, I could at least buy all of those little extra things myself. The money I had saved did not last me as long as I thought it would. It was just about all gone by Thanksgiving break. I was not careless with my money and I still have no idea how it went so fast. I would like to get a job and go to school at the same time, but it is difficult as a freshman because I am still adjusting to my busy lifestyle. When I have a house next year I will definitely need a job. There is competition for jobs on a college campus that is located in a small town. Most of the jobs do not pay very much and I still will not be able to work many hours because I am a student. I have class which means studying, homework, and more Robinson 4 studying. That in itself takes up most of my time.

I also need to spend time at the gym because the cafeteria consists of carbohydrates and things I can not identify. A job would take up so much time that I already don't have, and would give me absolutely no time to just relax. The little time I spend on relaxation is important to me because I am a very busy girl and I try to keep myself from going crazy. Next year when I do get a job I am sure it will be difficult for me to handle, but I know I will adjust to it. I will use all the money I make to pay for utilities and gas. I am not sure how much money I will have left over after that. Hopefully I will have some spending money left over, and maybe a little to save.

I realize now after experiencing a semester at college with no income, that I am going to be broke as long as I am a student. The expenses never stop. I can not even imagine how much money will be spent in four short years on things from bottled water to rent for a house. My parents are paying a huge amount of money for me to be here. I will be paying some of it back to them in a few years. I am here so I can make money but while I am here I will have none.

~Cathy R.

Posted by: Cathy R. at April 20, 2006 10:56 PM

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