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September 01, 2005

Who is Lee Hobbs?

Lee Hobbs, a North American native-speaker (and partial descendant of Native-Americans and wily Welshmen), renowned global citizen (and infamous universal denizen) spends much of his existence "searching for sanity beyond the self-dynamic" After earning his bachelor of arts (in fine art) in 1993, he spent six of his thinner years trekking across the planet, experimenting with entrepreneurial endeavors, and working in the emerging ESL field of Post-Communist Europe. During that time . . .

. . . he had the exciting opportunity to work closely with various sectors of ESL teaching, e.g. public grade-schools, public universities and private language schools. As a result of his world experiences, Lee's anti-establishment politics and universalistic perspectives definitely do not sit comfortably with old-school nationalists (or, imperialists)!

As one who would like to find some way to leave this world in better shape than he found it, in his courses he encourages the practice of selflessness, helping others and promoting peace. His teaching philosophy aims to support values that embrace education, progress, tolerance and understanding as target priorities. His approach is learning-centered (the promotion of self-motivated, life-long learning), he embraces new technologies in the classroom and often preaches the virtues of social justice, personal responsibility, and self-empowerment. His educational goal is to help create (or inspire) a new generation of socially involved, non-apathetic, critical thinkers that will help shift the present imbalance of power back to the people themselves. He believes that what comes around goes around and that we ultimately learn best by doing (or, teaching!)

When he grows up he wants to be the first lion-taming astronaut on Mars. Did I mention that he is a science-fiction aficionado? He is also interested in the history of world-religions and their influences. (2008 UPDATE): In 2008, Lee completed his Ph.D. at IUP and now teaches at a liberal arts college in Western Florida.

Who is Lee Hobbs?

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Michelle Simmons, ESL-Lesson-Plan Contributing Staff Writer

UPDATED 29 April 2008

Posted by msimmons at September 1, 2005 04:22 PM

Readers' Comments:


Thanks for the kind and witty words. I'd like to clarify that, IMHO, good educational principles are ones that lean towards the creation of world-conscious citizens readily capable of self-searching and liberal learning (and I mean liberal in the classical, academia sense, not in the FOX News sense - [fair & balanced]).

Politically, I presently feel (in the words of the fictional character "V") that it is better when governments fear the people, not when people fear the government. Democratic governments, as paid and elected assemblies of civil "servants," should, in fact, be serving the will of the people and not vice-versa. I am in agreement with the pop-cynic comedian George Carlin: "Even in a fake democracy, the people should get what they want, at least, some of the time!" If I can help steer even one person away from the pits of apathy toward the road to involvement then I will consider my existence a success.

Give peace a chance,


Posted by: Lee Hobbs at April 29, 2006 08:28 PM

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